Dryer Vent Maintenance

Dryer vent maintenance is important

How many dry cycles does it take for your clothes to dry?
Is your dryer vent clogged? We inspect and repair clogged dryer vents.

By the time most people realize something is wrong, the lint accumulation is already hardened and

the common tools at the hardware store won’t work, dryer vents typically travel to your attic and while trapping 

heat is a concern, the trapped lint in the line will eventually return to the dryer. This can be a serious fire hazard.

If your dryer is signaling with a sensor notification, don't wait for damage to your dryer or to your home.

clogged dryer vent
Dryer Vent Maintenance

Basic Service

  • basic service includes the removal of surface lint

If the lint in your dryer has not yet hardened, this is a great place to start and just might solve your issues

  • Deep Maintenance Includes:
  • Removal of all trapped lint
  • removal of birds nests
  • chemical treatment to safely remove all remaining obstructions
  • bird nest repellent

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